12 April 2024 Release Notes

Show Flow Web

  • New Feature - Custom Radio Button as input Field
    • Allows the option to add Radio button to event order forms
  • New Feature - Sales Heat Map
    • A sales heat map is now avaliable for events which have "Attendee Address" included in order form.
    • Sales heat map will be avaliable in the "Reporting" page
  • New Feature - Event Comparison
    • Allows organisers to visually compare reporting statistics across multiple events. 
  • Fixes to Date standardisation across the platform
  • Additional notifications and improvements related to organiser subscription plan.
  • Improvements to attendee list export
  • Further details have now been implemented into event reports
  • Improvements to MailChimp integration
  • Temporary passwords for new partner have now been improved
  • Visual fix to multi-day event date and time.
  • Additional "Sync" feature has been implemented for MailChimp Integration
  • Visual Adjustments to Export Buttons
  • Wording Improvements across platform

Show Flow Mobile

  • Improvements to mobile scanner when used for large attendee events
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